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Another vintage flash gun

I think most of young people do not know these type of flash guns.
I found this in my archive.
Just wanted to add to my blog.
This is a German made Tickytest flash gun with foldable reflectors.
It uses flash bulb like the other Voigtlander flash in one of my previous posts.
But the bulb should be PF1 or something type.
I even forgot how to use
Just for files.

Vintage camera-Agfa and Voigtlander flash

In the picture the flash unit Voigtlander with sylvania AG 3b Universal bulb on AGFA Silette Rapid I camera are seen.

Agfa Rapid camera with speedlight

I was using very special flash units with my Agfa Silette Rapid I camera. It was one time used blue bulbs. The flash unit was Voigtlander bulb flash unit (west Germany).

The bulbs were SYLVANIA Blue Dot Blitzlampen AG3B Universal type.

It was sold in 10 pieces small boxes.

I do not know if somebody remembers these.

My first camera - Agfa Silette Rapid I

When I was about 10 years old in 1969 I got a birthday present. It was my first camera, an AGFA Silette Rapid I.
The thing that I do not like is it uses 12 shots film as it is rapid :)
Agfa cameras were very popular in those days.
I learned how to take pictures and how a camera works.
The camera has a 1:2.8/ 45 color Agnar lens.
It has three shutter speeds 30, 60 125 and ofcourse B.
Aperture is almost as usual from 2.8 to 22.
It has an hot shoe flash. The lever winder is on the base plate.
There are also pictures on it to adjust the distances easily :)
It is still in good condition but not possible to find the film. Also it is not very reasonable to take pictures with it.
And yes, we had a dinosaur as a pet in those years


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