Seagulls at rest

As my digital camera has not a longer zoom I have to take the photos of birds on the land.

If I will buy a digital SLR then I will take photo of flying ones.

I should sell my Nikon Fa. This small point and shoot camera (Canon a590 is) takes better photos. :)
The people who still shoots film will be angry. :)
Weather was cold in an April day.

Street musician

I saw a street musician on the street who was playing saxophone. Generally they play guitar or etc.

He was playing good and have collected a few bucks in the box.

Red tulips and a tree

On the pavement I saw these red tulips around the tree.

Now it is tulip season and you can see them everywhere.

I put a tag of "street photography" . This photo was taken also on the street but actually hard to call this a street photo. It is a snapshot :)

Signs of Spring-Plum flowers

So, here is a macro photo of plum tree flowers in our garden. I will take the photos of the plums in summer. This close up photo was taken with a Canon A 590is camera. It is a point and shot bu has a lot of properties of a digital slr camera.


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