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Fontana del Moro (Moor fountain)

a beautiful fountain located in a beautiful piazza in Rome. Piazza Navona.

Fountain is located at the southern end of the piazza.

Fountain of the Pantheon

Another photograph of Rome.
Piazza della rotonda and fontana del  pantheon. This square is just in front of Pantheon.

Vittorio Emanuele II monument

Photograph of Vittorio Emanuele II monument taken from Piazza Venezia. In my previous post I placed some photos from the top of this building.

Saint Peter in Chains church

Saint Peter in Chains or San Pietro in Vincoli is a church which is known becouse of the sculpture of Moses by Michelangelo which is a great work. It is said to  that the chains  were use on St. Peter.
This church must not be missed during a trip to Rome.

The park around the castle, Bratislava

Another view from Slovakia. On the top of the hill there is a beautiful park in Bratislava.
The park around the castle is decorated by trees and statues.

Statues in Bratislava

There are some interestting statues in Bratislava. Cumil is one of them, a man from the sewer. There are different opinions about what he is doing there: cleaning the sewer, trying to look up girls’ skirts, just resting…

A car with a sweater

A car with a sweater in front of a statue in Bad Ragaz, Switzerland. I do notknow why they did it to an old golf.

Tree, stairs and statue

Lakeside sculture in Romanshorn
This photo was taken in a cloudy day with Canon eos 600d. To see how important is the light please see this photo taken with a simple mobile phone Nokia C5 but under better light conditions.

Another Zurich view

If you look upwards in Zurich you can see alot of sculptures also.


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