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Fontana del Moro (Moor fountain)

a beautiful fountain located in a beautiful piazza in Rome. Piazza Navona.

Fountain is located at the southern end of the piazza.

Statues in Bratislava

There are some interestting statues in Bratislava. Cumil is one of them, a man from the sewer. There are different opinions about what he is doing there: cleaning the sewer, trying to look up girls’ skirts, just resting…

DIY Tabletop Studio Photography done with mirrors

I liked the ideas and wanted to share in myblog.
He is doing great with a few mirror pieces, sticks, reflectors and etc. Using one light only.
A nice do it yourself type table top photography studio.

Palm and pine trees

A road crossing and palm and pine trees near the seaside.
The sun was against me so trees are darker. :))

Duracell battery show

Last sunday there was a show of Duracell batteries on the street. They prepared two stands for remote control cars. One was for bigger cars the other for small.
People were playing with the cars and Duracell showed that their batteries last much longer.
Actually it is true, I had tested in my sons remote control cars. :))
But I prefer using rechargable batteries.

Street musician

I saw a street musician on the street who was playing saxophone. Generally they play guitar or etc.

He was playing good and have collected a few bucks in the box.

Red tulips and a tree

On the pavement I saw these red tulips around the tree.

Now it is tulip season and you can see them everywhere.

I put a tag of "street photography" . This photo was taken also on the street but actually hard to call this a street photo. It is a snapshot :)


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