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Statue and tree

Romanshorn, nice town in Switzerland just near Konstanz lake. A view of the lake, statue near Inseli and a beautiful tree.

Tree and snow

I have a few more of winter photographs. Here is another from Sankt Gallen Switzerland winter snow and mountain view.

sea and the rocks

My camera was not with me again :)
I liked the simple view of the sea and took the photo with a mobile phone camera.

Sunset fishing :)

My camera was not with me last sunday. I took this photograph with my mobile phone (Nokia C5).
The quality of mobile phone cameras are not very good (at least mine) but it works not to lose moments.


My camera was not with me.
I shot this photograph with my mobile phone Nokia C5.
Photo downsized.
I saw some comments in some internet forums and reviews that Nokia C5 mobile phone camera is not very good. I do not agree. Photograph mainly depends on the light conditions. OK it is not a DSLR and a camera of a mobile phone. But handy, you can take photographs when your camera is not with you. Here some pictures taken with Nokia C5.

Clouds and waves

 A typical waves, sun and clouds photograph. It can be also said "a sunset photo" although there was about a few hours to sunset.

A mediterranean beach

The same bay in the previous photo but from the other end and late in the afternoon.
Sea was beautiful.
Another summer holiday photo

The beach

This beach photograph was taken early in the morning. So, there are only a few people in the sea.


Just before sunrise.
Actually it is a beautiful place to take photographs. You should carry a wide angle and a good zoom in this road.
But as I did not have much time it is a snapshot.

Cherry flowers

This is a photo of cherry fruit blossoms. I took this photo in April.
Now there are cherries on that tree.

Signs of Spring-Plum flowers

So, here is a macro photo of plum tree flowers in our garden. I will take the photos of the plums in summer. This close up photo was taken with a Canon A 590is camera. It is a point and shot bu has a lot of properties of a digital slr camera.


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