How to replace the lithium battery of Nikon L35 ad2

I received a comment asking how to change the databack battery of Nikon L35 AD2 camera. Comment was placed on my post about this camera by Louis Row care.
Here is the answer by pictures. I took the photographs and tried to explain below.

-Push the lock release to open the battery chamber lid.
-Remove used battery
-insert new battery
-push lid down until it snaps closed
Battery type is CR 2025 lithium battery.
Hope it helps


  1. Thank you but I have a Canon!
    Happy Sunday

  2. A bright wish to share the joy of Easter time with your friends and family.

  3. Hola.muy bueno el gusta!,además me interesa mucho la fotografía analógica!


  4. intresting blog, i like!

  5. Thank you! I had no idea.. Very much appreciated! This is an extremely late reply, but very useful nonetheless.

  6. THANK YOU FOR THIS POST! I purchased this camera used for $4 and thought for sure it did not work. After replacing the lithium battery (I didn't know existed) the camera is working perfectly!

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