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Rome views from the top of Vittorio Emanuele II monument

Vittorio Emmanuel monument is a beautiful building but the white color does not fit the color of Rome.
There is cafe at the top. You can have a cup of coffee and take some pictures of Rome from the top terrace. Worth the visit, for the great views from the top.

Ljubljana from the castle

Ljubljana view from the castle. Well worth the walk up to the castle. If you do not want to walk there is a funicular to the castle.

Bratislava and Danube

Bratislava view from the hill and behind, the Danube. The weather was dark and rainy but still the view was beautiful. This photo and the view would be much better in a sunny day.

Sankt Gallen, Weesen in winter

Continuing winter pictures.
This photo was taken in Sankt gallen, weesen of Switzerland.

Fish and bread boats

Fish and bread boats in Istanbul. Cooking fish in the boat.  In Istanbul, Eminonu just near the Galata bridge on the  golden horn.

Galata bridge, tower and ferries

A typical photograph of old Istanbul with view of Galata bridge, Galata tower and ferry coming to Eminonu.


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