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Romanshorn, Switzerland

A view from a small town from Switzerland.

A playground in the woods

A playground in the woods. Again plastic. I prefer the ones made of wood. It should be better especially in the woods.

Garden pond

I liked the view of the pond in spring with flowers around. Also it is hard to see but there were turtles around and in the pond. I also liked the old style marble fountain.
Ok I am lazy to carry my camera and this is again a mobile phone shot.

Seaside walk

Nice day for a walk.
I like the weeping willow trees always good decoration for landscape and photography  :)

Lantana Camara flowers

Orange and red "lantana camara" flowers.
This is an interesting flower. It is like flowers on top of another flower.

Houses behind bougainvillea flowers

A pine tree and houses behind the bougainvillea flowers. A housing compound photograph. Houses with gardens.

white hibiscus flower

A white hibiscus flower.

I have taken this photograph at about noon. So under the sunlight it is too white



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