Bratislava Castle

Bratislava castle view from the Danube. Weather was a little bit dark but the view was great.

Trees of Schönbrunn_Palace

One of Schönbrunn_Palace (Vienna ) roads. Trees are cut like a vertical plane. Interesting landscape work.

A car with a sweater

A car with a sweater in front of a statue in Bad Ragaz, Switzerland. I do notknow why they did it to an old golf.

Buildings from Chur

Some typical buildings from Chur , Switzerland.These historical buildings are from 1600 years (about).


 Yachts in a marina in Bodensee. Behinf the mountains are still covered with snow.

Tie your boat up

When you are walking along the seaside, watch out these things. :).
Not good to hit them? :)

Sand and sea

One from mountains and one from sea :).
A simple sea, sand and waves photo


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