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How to replace the lithium battery of Nikon L35 ad2

I received a comment asking how to change the databack battery of Nikon L35 AD2 camera. Comment was placed on my post about this camera by Louis Row care.
Here is the answer by pictures. I took the photographs and tried to explain below.

-Push the lock release to open the battery chamber lid.
-Remove used battery
-insert new battery
-push lid down until it snaps closed
Battery type is CR 2025 lithium battery.
Hope it helps

Another vintage flash gun

I think most of young people do not know these type of flash guns.
I found this in my archive.
Just wanted to add to my blog.
This is a German made Tickytest flash gun with foldable reflectors.
It uses flash bulb like the other Voigtlander flash in one of my previous posts.
But the bulb should be PF1 or something type.
I even forgot how to use
Just for files.

Nikon FA

Another view of my SLR camera Nikon Fa.
I did not use it much so as seen it is very good condition.
But still I have some photos taken with it. Hope one day I will scan and put them here.
I sold one of the lenses I use with this camera. It was a very nice lens Nikkor 50mm f/1.2 (1:1.2)
Now I am using it with a small Zoom Nikkor 35-70mm f/3.3-4.5 .
Now I mostly use a Canon Powershot a590is. Nice small camera with batteries. Have almost the same functions like Nikon FA and practical. But ofcourse it is a point and shoot.
Taking photo is with a SLR is much different.
I may buy a new DSLR :)

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Italy, Photos of Venice 1992

Here are 2 photos taken by my old Nikon analog point and shoot Nikon L35 Ad2.
As Nikon Fa is too heavy for short trips I had my L35 with me.
This camera has a databack. I should have shut it down.

A view from Maasricht

This view is from Maasricht. Centre of the city. A historical and natural view. Ducks in the lake :)
Business trips are good for visiting new places as tourist :))

Mechelerhof, Mechelen

These pictures were taken in De Mechelerhof in Mechelen (Limburg) where during a company meeting we have stayed in 1997. Very nice countryside and very good place for short (even long) holidays. It was a nice trip.
I hope still keeps the beautiful nature.
Pictures were taken with my Nikon Fa but printed in 1997 and now scanned by a desktop printer (HP PSC 1410) from the photographs.


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