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Tiber island

Tiber island or Isola Tiberina in Italian.
An island on Tiber river, actually the only island.

Bratislava and Danube

Bratislava view from the hill and behind, the Danube. The weather was dark and rainy but still the view was beautiful. This photo and the view would be much better in a sunny day.

Bratislava Castle

Bratislava castle view from the Danube. Weather was a little bit dark but the view was great.

The other side of the bridge

The view from the other side of the bridge. Same place like the previous photo. Forbach Germany.

River and woods

A view from Austria Tyrol. River was white because of fast flow and may be the melted snow from the mountains.

Two views from two sides of bridge

These 2 photographs were taken from a bridge in Bad Ragaz, Switzerland.
Photos from both sides of the river.

Ihlara valley

Ihlara valley is in central Anatolia, Turkey. Melendiz river flows in the middle of the valley. There are a lot of houses and churches in the canyon. It was the first settlement of the first Christians escaping from Roman soldiers. In the Ihlara Valley there are hundreds of old churches in the volcanic rock caves.


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