My camera was not with me.
I shot this photograph with my mobile phone Nokia C5.
Photo downsized.
I saw some comments in some internet forums and reviews that Nokia C5 mobile phone camera is not very good. I do not agree. Photograph mainly depends on the light conditions. OK it is not a DSLR and a camera of a mobile phone. But handy, you can take photographs when your camera is not with you. Here some pictures taken with Nokia C5.

Expired film

I found one expired film in my father in law  's files.

Do you think it will work if I take some photos?
Film is an Ogapan and German made (in 1972)

Purple orchid

Just a shot of a purple orchid at home.
Close up shots are more impressive in flower photography.

Red Bull flugtag 2010

Some photos from "redbull flugtag 2010"

Hard work to prepare a flying machine
Ready to fly
Waiting to fly
Flying machine are swimming on the sea :))


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