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Danube river cruise

There is a boat between Vienna to Bratislava. Some photos from that trip.

As I did not have much time to adjust the photos are out of focus but gives an idea about the trip. :)

Lake and mountains

Again a panoramic photo made by stitching 2 photos by using canon photostitch software. Photograph was taken in summer from the hill in Walenstadt, Switzerland.

Another view from Austria

Actually this is same place like as the previous picture. But different view. Austria Sölden Tyrol area. A ski resort view in summer.

River and woods

A view from Austria Tyrol. River was white because of fast flow and may be the melted snow from the mountains.

Tree and snow

I have a few more of winter photographs. Here is another from Sankt Gallen Switzerland winter snow and mountain view.

A playground in the woods

A playground in the woods. Again plastic. I prefer the ones made of wood. It should be better especially in the woods.

Wild flower ( Gazania)

Orange coloured flower.

I do not know the name of the flower so I called wild flower. I found it just between the sands of the beach and the road.


15,Dec.2009 : I received a message that this flower is Gazania.


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