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Snow and mountain

A view from Switzerland mountains. As my camera was not with me again, this is a mobile phone shot and taken under poor light condition.

Tree and snow

I have a few more of winter photographs. Here is another from Sankt Gallen Switzerland winter snow and mountain view.

White hibiscus flower

A white beautiful flower. Red and yellow hibiscus flower photos will follow as every summer.

white hibiscus flower

A white hibiscus flower.

I have taken this photograph at about noon. So under the sunlight it is too white


Cherry flowers

This is a photo of cherry fruit blossoms. I took this photo in April.
Now there are cherries on that tree.

Signs of Spring-Plum flowers

So, here is a macro photo of plum tree flowers in our garden. I will take the photos of the plums in summer. This close up photo was taken with a Canon A 590is camera. It is a point and shot bu has a lot of properties of a digital slr camera.

Spring has arrived

Spring has arrived.
Don't stay at home go out and see the first blossoms of Spring.
See the flowers on the trees.
Bees are collecting pollens
I should be a poet


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