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Another vintage flash gun

I think most of young people do not know these type of flash guns.
I found this in my archive.
Just wanted to add to my blog.
This is a German made Tickytest flash gun with foldable reflectors.
It uses flash bulb like the other Voigtlander flash in one of my previous posts.
But the bulb should be PF1 or something type.
I even forgot how to use
Just for files.

Vintage camera-Agfa and Voigtlander flash

In the picture the flash unit Voigtlander with sylvania AG 3b Universal bulb on AGFA Silette Rapid I camera are seen.

Agfa Rapid camera with speedlight

I was using very special flash units with my Agfa Silette Rapid I camera. It was one time used blue bulbs. The flash unit was Voigtlander bulb flash unit (west Germany).

The bulbs were SYLVANIA Blue Dot Blitzlampen AG3B Universal type.

It was sold in 10 pieces small boxes.

I do not know if somebody remembers these.

Nikon Speedlight SB-18

The Nikon Speedlight SB-18 is a compact, direct-mounting electronic flash unit which provides automatic through-the-lens (TTL) control of the flash exposure when used with the Nikon FG, FE2, or FA, or the Nikonos-V via the V-Type Sync Cord. Because light is measured through the actual picture-taking lens, you are assured of just the right exposure with a variety of lenses and accessory attachments at any aperture from f/2 to f/16.
Through the use of a silicon-controlled rectifier and series circuitry, the S8·18 is able to conserve energy when shooting subjects at close range; thus recycling times are shorter and the number of flashes per battery set is greater.
The S8-18 is also compatible with most Nikon cameras for manual operation. In addition, the SB-18 couples with the flash ready-light inside the viewfinders of current Nikon cameras. As soon as the flash is ready to fire, the LED comes on.
In my opinion it is a practical flash unit to old Nikon SLR cameras.

I do not know if it can be used with the new digital cameras.


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