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Beach, tree, wooden bench

A beautiful beach and a point to sit and watch the view. Tree and wooden bench is a good combination.

Seaside walk

Nice day for a walk.
I like the weeping willow trees always good decoration for landscape and photography  :)

Fisher woman

Hope she will catch some fish for dinner
Actually I took this photograph in autumn and this restaurant was not open.

Clouds and waves

 A typical waves, sun and clouds photograph. It can be also said "a sunset photo" although there was about a few hours to sunset.

Restaurant on the sea

I liked the composition of the rust color on the steel piles and the blue color of the sea. This photo was taken in november and the restaurant was closed for the winter.

Sunset on the sea

Actually it is not exactly sunset. May be one hour more. But I liked the color and composition. A weeping tree and twosome on the bank.


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