Venice and gondolas

This photograph was also taken with a Nikon L35 Ad2 in 1992 and scanned from a printed photo with a desktop printer. I hope I will scan all the negatives with a film scanner one day. :))

Galata Bridge

Fishermen on the bridge. There are also some nice restaurants under the fishermen. You can have a beer and watch the fishes


Food fight of seagulls

Seagulls are trying to catch a piece of bread in a cloudy and windy autumn day.

Cheapest fast food ( I guess)

Simit is a type of sesame covered specially cooked bread.
It is delicious with cheese and a cup of tea.
A fast food you can find anywhere when you are walking. May the fastest fast food. :))

Rose- orange

OK. Again a rose. But as it is in front of my office it is easy to take pictures of that flower.


A turtle on the countryside road

Even if you are slow, be patient , you will reach the target

In the tales turtles are faster than rabbits

will be a rose

This small flower will be a rose when it grows up.

Several stages of being a rose

This photo was taken with canon powershot a590is.

Cat staring at me

A cat in the garden was staring at me. I wanted to take its photograph. I took a snapshot with my point and shoot canon powershot a590is


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