Seaside walk

Nice day for a walk.
I like the weeping willow trees always good decoration for landscape and photography  :)

Lantana Camara flowers

Orange and red "lantana camara" flowers.
This is an interesting flower. It is like flowers on top of another flower.

Sunset fishing :)

My camera was not with me last sunday. I took this photograph with my mobile phone (Nokia C5).
The quality of mobile phone cameras are not very good (at least mine) but it works not to lose moments.

Fish and bread boats

Fish and bread boats in Istanbul. Cooking fish in the boat.  In Istanbul, Eminonu just near the Galata bridge on the  golden horn.

Red hibiscus flowers

From summer holiday
Hibiscus is a nice plant with beautiful flowers for your garden.

Galata bridge, tower and ferries

A typical photograph of old Istanbul with view of Galata bridge, Galata tower and ferry coming to Eminonu.


My camera was not with me.
I shot this photograph with my mobile phone Nokia C5.
Photo downsized.
I saw some comments in some internet forums and reviews that Nokia C5 mobile phone camera is not very good. I do not agree. Photograph mainly depends on the light conditions. OK it is not a DSLR and a camera of a mobile phone. But handy, you can take photographs when your camera is not with you. Here some pictures taken with Nokia C5.

Expired film

I found one expired film in my father in law  's files.

Do you think it will work if I take some photos?
Film is an Ogapan and German made (in 1972)

Fishing on the bridge 2

Fishing with a better view :)
Fishing rod tied up to steel fence, clever invention.

Purple orchid

Just a shot of a purple orchid at home.
Close up shots are more impressive in flower photography.

Red Bull flugtag 2010

Some photos from "redbull flugtag 2010"

Hard work to prepare a flying machine
Ready to fly
Waiting to fly
Flying machine are swimming on the sea :))

Fisher woman

Hope she will catch some fish for dinner
Actually I took this photograph in autumn and this restaurant was not open.

Haydarpasha terminal

Haydarpasha terminal was designed by German architects Otto Ritter and Helmut Cuno in Neo-Renaissance style, and the construction began in 1906.


If you see daisies around you can understand that spring has arrived


Clouds and waves

 A typical waves, sun and clouds photograph. It can be also said "a sunset photo" although there was about a few hours to sunset.

Cranes and contaners 2

A container harbour view with cranes and containers. On the other side a ship is ready for loading.

Windy day

A windy day photograph. I liked the waves and white bubbles

Optimist sailing

Children learning how to sail.
Optimist sailing is almost the first step.

Sea sunset and boats

That palm tree is not a real one . A plastic shade on a lifeguard seat.


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