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Lake and mountains

Again a panoramic photo made by stitching 2 photos by using canon photostitch software. Photograph was taken in summer from the hill in Walenstadt, Switzerland.

Statue and tree

Romanshorn, nice town in Switzerland just near Konstanz lake. A view of the lake, statue near Inseli and a beautiful tree.

Beach, tree, wooden bench

A beautiful beach and a point to sit and watch the view. Tree and wooden bench is a good combination.

Sunset fishing :)

My camera was not with me last sunday. I took this photograph with my mobile phone (Nokia C5).
The quality of mobile phone cameras are not very good (at least mine) but it works not to lose moments.

Galata bridge, tower and ferries

A typical photograph of old Istanbul with view of Galata bridge, Galata tower and ferry coming to Eminonu.


My camera was not with me.
I shot this photograph with my mobile phone Nokia C5.
Photo downsized.
I saw some comments in some internet forums and reviews that Nokia C5 mobile phone camera is not very good. I do not agree. Photograph mainly depends on the light conditions. OK it is not a DSLR and a camera of a mobile phone. But handy, you can take photographs when your camera is not with you. Here some pictures taken with Nokia C5.

Red Bull flugtag 2010

Some photos from "redbull flugtag 2010"

Hard work to prepare a flying machine
Ready to fly
Waiting to fly
Flying machine are swimming on the sea :))

Fisher woman

Hope she will catch some fish for dinner
Actually I took this photograph in autumn and this restaurant was not open.


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