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Yellow hibiscus flower

Close up photo of a yellow hibiscus flower, a beautiful flower for gardeners, landscaping architects.

Lantana Camara flowers

Orange and red "lantana camara" flowers.
This is an interesting flower. It is like flowers on top of another flower.

Purple orchid

Just a shot of a purple orchid at home.
Close up shots are more impressive in flower photography.

Wild flower ( Gazania)

Orange coloured flower.

I do not know the name of the flower so I called wild flower. I found it just between the sands of the beach and the road.


15,Dec.2009 : I received a message that this flower is Gazania.

white hibiscus flower

A white hibiscus flower.

I have taken this photograph at about noon. So under the sunlight it is too white


Red hibiscus flower

A close up photograph of a red hibiscus flower.
Also known as the Chinese hibiscus, China rose and shoe flower.


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