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Ihlara valley

Ihlara valley is in central Anatolia, Turkey. Melendiz river flows in the middle of the valley. There are a lot of houses and churches in the canyon. It was the first settlement of the first Christians escaping from Roman soldiers. In the Ihlara Valley there are hundreds of old churches in the volcanic rock caves.

A view from Maasricht

This view is from Maasricht. Centre of the city. A historical and natural view. Ducks in the lake :)
Business trips are good for visiting new places as tourist :))

Mechelerhof, Mechelen

These pictures were taken in De Mechelerhof in Mechelen (Limburg) where during a company meeting we have stayed in 1997. Very nice countryside and very good place for short (even long) holidays. It was a nice trip.
I hope still keeps the beautiful nature.
Pictures were taken with my Nikon Fa but printed in 1997 and now scanned by a desktop printer (HP PSC 1410) from the photographs.

Antalya Harbour-Türkiye

In one of the trips I had taken this picture in Antalya. It is the old harbour Kaleici. There is a beautiful area around. This picture was taken by Nikon Fa in 1997 .
Antalya is a nice town and there are a lot of beautiful Hotels and places to visit, both historical and natural. Located in the south of the Turkey, mediterrenean cost, hot sea, beautiful nature.


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