Restaurant on the sea

I liked the composition of the rust color on the steel piles and the blue color of the sea. This photo was taken in november and the restaurant was closed for the winter.

Wild flower ( Gazania)

Orange coloured flower.

I do not know the name of the flower so I called wild flower. I found it just between the sands of the beach and the road.


15,Dec.2009 : I received a message that this flower is Gazania.

Sunset on the sea

Actually it is not exactly sunset. May be one hour more. But I liked the color and composition. A weeping tree and twosome on the bank.

Houses behind bougainvillea flowers

A pine tree and houses behind the bougainvillea flowers. A housing compound photograph. Houses with gardens.

Red hibiscus flowers

Red and green composition.
These hibiscus flowers are also called Chinese hibiscus, China rose and shoe flower.

Palm and pine trees

A road crossing and palm and pine trees near the seaside.
The sun was against me so trees are darker. :))

Sailing (B/W)

This photograph was taken against sunlight but very cloudy and dark day.
So, I guess black and white is better.
Yes it is possible sunlight ( a few) and dark day.

white hibiscus flower

A white hibiscus flower.

I have taken this photograph at about noon. So under the sunlight it is too white


A mediterranean beach

The same bay in the previous photo but from the other end and late in the afternoon.
Sea was beautiful.
Another summer holiday photo

The beach

This beach photograph was taken early in the morning. So, there are only a few people in the sea.

Red hibiscus flower

A close up photograph of a red hibiscus flower.
Also known as the Chinese hibiscus, China rose and shoe flower.

Hibiscus rosa-chinensis

Also called as Chinese hibiscus or China rose.

Bee is working hard on a flower not opened yet



Just before sunrise.
Actually it is a beautiful place to take photographs. You should carry a wide angle and a good zoom in this road.
But as I did not have much time it is a snapshot.


Geographic events formed Peribacaları (fairy chimneys), during the historical period.
The name was traditionally used in Christian sources throughout history and is still widely used as an international tourism concept to define a region of exceptional natural wonders characterized by fairy chimneys (image below) and a unique historical and cultural heritage. The term, as used in tourism, roughly corresponds to present-day Nevşehir Province of Turkey.
For more info:

seagull on the rocks

A seagull on the rocks. Looking at the see and thinking,
"what will happen tomorrow"
It does not know:
Yesterday is past, tomorrow yo never know, live today
Carpe diem.

Duracell battery show

Last sunday there was a show of Duracell batteries on the street. They prepared two stands for remote control cars. One was for bigger cars the other for small.
People were playing with the cars and Duracell showed that their batteries last much longer.
Actually it is true, I had tested in my sons remote control cars. :))
But I prefer using rechargable batteries.

Apricots are green, yet :))

Last month I have posted photos of apricot flowers.
Now that flowers are like these. They are green now but in a few days they will have their orange colour.

Cherry flowers

This is a photo of cherry fruit blossoms. I took this photo in April.
Now there are cherries on that tree.

Cigarette, coffee and remote :)

An 87 years old man keep on smoking. :)
I made this photo black and white and left some parts of the cigarette box coloured by using layers property of the software

By the way, I have to write this:
"Cigarette smoking Is Dangerous to Your Health"
as you know

Seagulls at rest

As my digital camera has not a longer zoom I have to take the photos of birds on the land.

If I will buy a digital SLR then I will take photo of flying ones.

I should sell my Nikon Fa. This small point and shoot camera (Canon a590 is) takes better photos. :)
The people who still shoots film will be angry. :)
Weather was cold in an April day.

Street musician

I saw a street musician on the street who was playing saxophone. Generally they play guitar or etc.

He was playing good and have collected a few bucks in the box.

Red tulips and a tree

On the pavement I saw these red tulips around the tree.

Now it is tulip season and you can see them everywhere.

I put a tag of "street photography" . This photo was taken also on the street but actually hard to call this a street photo. It is a snapshot :)


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