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 Yachts in a marina in Bodensee. Behinf the mountains are still covered with snow.

Statue and tree

Romanshorn, nice town in Switzerland just near Konstanz lake. A view of the lake, statue near Inseli and a beautiful tree.

Fishing nets

Another mobile phone shot. When the light is good cellular phone cameras are also good if your camera is not with you. At least works for website photographs.
Some fishnets were covered with fabric to protect from UV I guess  :))

sea and the rocks

My camera was not with me again :)
I liked the simple view of the sea and took the photo with a mobile phone camera.

Sunset fishing :)

My camera was not with me last sunday. I took this photograph with my mobile phone (Nokia C5).
The quality of mobile phone cameras are not very good (at least mine) but it works not to lose moments.

Fish and bread boats

Fish and bread boats in Istanbul. Cooking fish in the boat.  In Istanbul, Eminonu just near the Galata bridge on the  golden horn.


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