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Two views from two sides of bridge

These 2 photographs were taken from a bridge in Bad Ragaz, Switzerland.
Photos from both sides of the river.

Statue and tree

Romanshorn, nice town in Switzerland just near Konstanz lake. A view of the lake, statue near Inseli and a beautiful tree.

Yellow hibiscus flower

Close up photo of a yellow hibiscus flower, a beautiful flower for gardeners, landscaping architects.

White hibiscus flower

A white beautiful flower. Red and yellow hibiscus flower photos will follow as every summer.

Garden pond

I liked the view of the pond in spring with flowers around. Also it is hard to see but there were turtles around and in the pond. I also liked the old style marble fountain.
Ok I am lazy to carry my camera and this is again a mobile phone shot.

Lantana Camara flowers

Orange and red "lantana camara" flowers.
This is an interesting flower. It is like flowers on top of another flower.

Purple orchid

Just a shot of a purple orchid at home.
Close up shots are more impressive in flower photography.

Wild flower ( Gazania)

Orange coloured flower.

I do not know the name of the flower so I called wild flower. I found it just between the sands of the beach and the road.


15,Dec.2009 : I received a message that this flower is Gazania.


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