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Fontana del Moro (Moor fountain)

a beautiful fountain located in a beautiful piazza in Rome. Piazza Navona.

Fountain is located at the southern end of the piazza.

Rome views from the top of Vittorio Emanuele II monument

Vittorio Emmanuel monument is a beautiful building but the white color does not fit the color of Rome.
There is cafe at the top. You can have a cup of coffee and take some pictures of Rome from the top terrace. Worth the visit, for the great views from the top.

Street at night

Ljubljana (Slovenia) a street to castle in old town.
White part at the top is the castle at night.

Statues in Bratislava

There are some interestting statues in Bratislava. Cumil is one of them, a man from the sewer. There are different opinions about what he is doing there: cleaning the sewer, trying to look up girls’ skirts, just resting…

Palm and pine trees

A road crossing and palm and pine trees near the seaside.
The sun was against me so trees are darker. :))

Duracell battery show

Last sunday there was a show of Duracell batteries on the street. They prepared two stands for remote control cars. One was for bigger cars the other for small.
People were playing with the cars and Duracell showed that their batteries last much longer.
Actually it is true, I had tested in my sons remote control cars. :))
But I prefer using rechargable batteries.


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