Statues in Bratislava

There are some interestting statues in Bratislava. Cumil is one of them, a man from the sewer. There are different opinions about what he is doing there: cleaning the sewer, trying to look up girls’ skirts, just resting…


  1. Zabawna rzeźba. Myślę, że i odpoczywa i jak będzie miał okazję to i dziewczyny z dołu będzie oglądał. Pozdrawiam.
    Funny sculpture. I think and rest and how it will have the opportunity and the girls will be watching from below. :))) Yours.

  2. Muy curioso, lo que sea que esté haciendo. Enhorabuena.

    Un saludo,

  3. Maybe he lives down there and comes up every once in a while to
    take a deep breath of fresh air :)



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