An orange colour rose in front of my office. Actually a little bit out of focus but OK.


Venice, Italy 1992

Another picture from Venice taken in 1992. Again scanned by a desktop scanner from the printed photo not from a film.

Sailing, optimist

sea and sailing (optimist).

Small harbour.

It is always refreshing to look at the sea.

Italy, Photos of Venice 1992

Here are 2 photos taken by my old Nikon analog point and shoot Nikon L35 Ad2.
As Nikon Fa is too heavy for short trips I had my L35 with me.
This camera has a databack. I should have shut it down.

A labrador in living room

This photo is taken by a simple Kodak point and shoot of my son. As all the photos in this blog downsized.

Vintage camera-Agfa and Voigtlander flash

In the picture the flash unit Voigtlander with sylvania AG 3b Universal bulb on AGFA Silette Rapid I camera are seen.

Agfa Rapid camera with speedlight

I was using very special flash units with my Agfa Silette Rapid I camera. It was one time used blue bulbs. The flash unit was Voigtlander bulb flash unit (west Germany).

The bulbs were SYLVANIA Blue Dot Blitzlampen AG3B Universal type.

It was sold in 10 pieces small boxes.

I do not know if somebody remembers these.


Olives almost ready to be collected for your breakfast tables or olive oil factories.

A view from Istanbul- The Bosphorus

This photo was taken from Bosphorus University Kennedy Lodge. A view of Bosphorus and the bridge (right). It is downsized and cropped for the blog. The original is more than 3 mb. Taken by a Canon powershot a590is. It was taken about sunset time.


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